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Accounts Recievable Financing - CASH NOW!

Accounts Receivable Financing

Need cash for your business and need it now? Are you or your business expecting several invoices to be paid by large clients in the upcoming weeks or months, and need money now to pay your employees and vendors? Let 7th Level Capital provide you the solution. 7th Level Capital has been providing small business owners with financing options since our inception. Well respected and located in Cherry Hill, NJ, 7th Level Capital (dba 7th Level Mortgage, LLC) can assist small business owners obtain the financing they need to help grow.

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A lot of times business owners don’t exactly need a small business loan, nor do they have the time to go through a formal bank application process and that’s were 7th Level Capital can provide Accounts Receivable financing to help you bridge the gap and finance your immediate needs. Accounts receivable financing or factoring might be an option for you — depending on your industry and the nature of your business.

What is Accounts Receivable Financing?

Accounts receivable financing involves borrowing against your receivables or selling your receivables to a company that will pay you an amount equivalent to the invoice amount due you, less a discount. The amount of the discount varies depending on the size of the transaction, the extent of risk that the financing company (sometimes called a “factor”) has to take to collect the amount due, and other matters. You’d get more for an invoice payable by a blue chip company that’s due soon versus one that’s, say, 90 days past due from a weaker payor.

What Are The Benefits of Accounts Receivable Financing?

The primary benefit to these financing services is to help you get cash you need for your business quickly. It’s very useful for those businesses that may get paid large invoices by clients but are often slow for one reason or another (such as large corporate clients, or when part of a large multi-phase government contract). Let’s face it we all know it’s great to get a big contract, but it absolutely can be downright painful to have to wait 60, 9- or 120 days to get paid. After all, we realize you do have expenses and payroll to meet, if you have to wait for your money a cash flow bind is almost a certainty! Accounts receivable financing can also help free up working capital.

7th Level Capital we also realize that many businesses have funds tied up in inventory and that getting paid for invoices quickly is crucial. Most of our invoice factoring clients can do more business if they have better cash flow. How this works depends on your industry and your market.

Some real examples are: • improving or increasing marketing • saying “yes” to customers who demand credit terms • investing in income-producing assets--people and equipment • eliminating supplier constraints • shifting manpower from collection to marketing and production Improve your financial condition Factoring invoices for cash enables some businesses to “get current” or reduce strains caused by tight cash flow. It also improves their own credit rating.

Here are some examples we frequently see: • staying current with suppliers and creditors • establishing payment terms with suppliers, further improving cash flow • meeting regular payroll obligations • bringing payroll taxes current

What Are Accounts Receivable Financing and Factoring Costs?

Just like any other type of financing or loan, you will pay for the privilege of getting access to cash quickly. At 7th Level Capital Rates are 0.55% With Up to 95% Advance Rates


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